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Offshore Outsourcing is a rapidly growing practice in this economy because companies are under pressure to get products out or revise their technologies fast, without compromising their quality standards and internal resources. For this reason, most of the middle market firms and even smaller companies are looking at IT outsourcing to India.

YANTRO delivers quality offshore development at a price that makes our clients smile. This allows us to scale up rapidly at costs that are on an average 80% cheaper.

Reasons for offshore outsourcing:

Focus staff: Do what you do best and let us do what we do best. New systems have to be developed while existing ones need to be maintained or enhanced. Staffing up to achieve everything can be costly. Sacrificing one initiative for the other can hurt business.

Reduce operational costs by over 75%: The current focus is on cutting expenses. However, the level of required work still needs to be maintained to generate revenue.

Get to market quickly: Your competitors face the same challenges of cutting costs while remaining competitive.

Leverage our expertise: Leverage our expertise and access to new technology. IT Outsourcing is new to many companies and the learning curve can be costly.