Yantro will be shifted to Siruseri IT Park Soon  

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      Event Place & Date : Hotel Park Sheraton,Chennai & July 29, 2008,11am                                                                              Inaugural Invitation

Yantro at Siruseri IT Park
Foundation Stone-Lay Function

Event Highlights
 Foundation Stone laid by our Honorable IT Minister Mr.A.Raja.
 Special Invitee Mr.Jerry preceded over present IT Infrastructure.
 Participation of CEO's from leading Software Concerns.
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Mr.Jerry's Speech

"Thank you very much for coming!!!

I would like to thank Mr.A.Raja the IT Minister and Mr.Ko.Si.Mani from Tamil Nadu Government for coming today to our Yantro at Siruseri IT Park Foundation Stone-Lay function. I am from a Company in America called Pivotix, we are partner with Yantro. Yantro is a very good partner it can able to deliver some difficult projects on time for customers in America. Our two major customers are billion dollar companies well for Education field and Medical field that has some very complex problem for Yantro have to be solved and very pleased to say I am here for the first time in India and every thing I have experienced so far including today is been very positive and people have been very kind to me.

I want to again thank you for coming to our Foundation Stone-Lay. I keep it in short because the Ministers are very busy and have to move on today they have lot of announcements to do today and please enjoy yourself.

Please talk to our employee if you would like to know more about Yantro. Thank you again for coming!!!"

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